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January 23, 2017

#52: A sandwich with (Traffic) Jam

“Auto”We shouted and hired an auto.“Malad west” I said. Driver turned the meter down and it started showing minimum fare and waiting time. We drove around […]
January 13, 2017

#51: Why Government wants to know my Religion?

Date: 13/01/2017Time: Just before the lunchPlace: A bank in Ahmedabad All the employees are busy doing their work (Whoever had some). A person enters in bank. […]
January 10, 2017

#50: RS is back

Around 5 Years… More than 1600 days… And you know the next lines are for hours and then minutes and then seconds and… There you go. […]
June 30, 2012

#49: Notes on Filmmaking _ Cinematography

Lights, camera, action… These are  the three words that capture all the attention for an outsider. Well, we’ll  check for the middle one first. Camera… We’ll […]
May 31, 2012

#48: Notes on Filmmaking _ Introduction.

Hi folks. As promised ago, I’m starting here some notes on Filmmaking related things. We’ll begin with introduction & as it is the first one, I’ll […]
April 30, 2012

#47: It’s all about temperament of Test Cricket

IPL is on. And the gentlemen’s game matters for 20 overs an inning. Ocean of runs and so of wickets resembles the unpredicted mode of life. […]
March 31, 2012

#46: General Singh_Inside Story / Backstage Drama.

General Vijay Kumar Singh PVSM, AVSM, YSM, ADC, the 24th Indian General of the Indian Army and current Chief of Army Staff, is in the media […]
February 29, 2012

#45: It’s in the air. Yup, it’s love.

Post of February. The month that we remember for a date, the 14th. And posting on leap day should contain the equivalent data of other three […]
January 31, 2012

# 44: Soul, Ghost & Reincarnation _ All Technical Aspects.

Again a Random Topic. What else Random Strokes are meant for? Discussing Soul, Ghost & Reincarnation and that too technically*…! (*All technical aspects are imaginary and […]
November 30, 2011

#43: November or No way Amber

Multiplying Chetan’s book 2 states: story of my marriage with 2 is what we get a song in Don 2. Confused??? The relation is between 4 […]
October 31, 2011

#42: Face off_Anna Hazaare

Disclaimer: The post is totally fictitious and resembles no real interview. Hello, aadaab, lei ho, aloha, ciao, vanakkam, salaam Namaste. This is your favourite host Shashvat […]
September 30, 2011

#41: Maanas_all set to Strike…

Finally the date has been arrived. Maanas is going to perform it’s First Silver screen appearance on 8th Oct at PVR cinemas, Ahmedabad. A film that […]
August 31, 2011

#40: Until it’s done…

August had been a month of news and events. From Anna to Ankit, Manmohan singh to Mehul, Delhi to Darshniyaa and from N for something to […]
July 31, 2011

#39: Case 8973_ Alibaug Double Murder Part I

Flight 764 Munich to Mumbai just landed on the Chhatrapati Shivaji International airport, Mumbai. It was early morning 03:45 hrs. “So, how was your flight?” Diwakar […]
June 30, 2011

#38: Friends, Life, Dreams and…

No wonder I’m starting this with word No wonder.  (Don’t misunderstand, Wonder Masala haven’t paid me for advt) Friends, Life, Dreams and… is truly a random […]
May 31, 2011

#37: Maanas first look

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April 30, 2011

#36: Donkeys _ An analytical essay.

The intended post of this month was a Derick Jefferson Case File. But an incident led me to pen this. (Actually I haven’t penned it but […]
March 27, 2011

#35: Face off_M S Dhoni

Disclaimer: The post is totally fictitious and resembles no real interview. Hello, aadaab, lei ho, aloha, ciao, vanakkam, salaam Namaste. This is your favourite host Shashvat […]
February 25, 2011

#34: Miles to go…

“And so…, Hold on, when there is nothing in you, except the will…, which say, Hold on…” Repeating my favorite words by Rudyard Kipling and clarifying […]
January 26, 2011

#33: Indian Secularism _ Part 2

“Jay bharat sathe janavavanu ke…” was the method to begin any letter years ago. But I’m not here to discuss the letter writing methods. I’m here […]
December 12, 2010

#32: A film of the lifetime…

Hi to all. Know what’s on your mind but let me confess, this ain’t also a promoting post for Maanas (Post production has just started so […]
November 30, 2010

#31: 70,00,000 crore and still counting on…!

First of all, sorry for not being frequent for your favorite contents. (my posts…! Ok that was (not) a PJ.) As I was busy for whole […]
October 15, 2010

#30: Navratri’s On…!

“Chapti bhari chokha ne ghee no chhe divdo, Srifal ni jod lai ne… Halo, halo Pavagadh jaie re…” What more you expect under casual category in […]
September 25, 2010

#29: The name says it all _ CommonWEALTH…!

Imagine a scene. You have gone to see a world level competition of boxing or weightlifting. Participants come one after another and perform to their best. […]
September 15, 2010

#28: Bang Bang Dabangg…

Hai muscular, hai popular, spectacular, he’s bachelor and this pappu can dance too salaa… The real man Sal-MAN khan is back with his home production Dabangg […]
September 9, 2010

#27: And its not Crusade v/s Jihad

Dove World Outreach Center… A small, 50 member non-denominational charismatic Christian church in Gainesville, Florida has become famous worldwide all of a sudden. Reason: Terry Jones, […]
August 29, 2010

#26: FYI – Upcoming Attractions

Hi Friends, This is to share with you that now onwards Random Strokes will be also publishing posts related to art of filmmaking, tips and secrets […]
August 28, 2010

#25: Case 7492_Elvira’s Premonition of Death. Part II

Go to Part I He jumped the backyard wall and slowly walked ahead. The back door of kitchen was double locked so he went for the […]
August 25, 2010

#24: Case 7492_Elvira’s Premonition of Death. Part I

“Weekends are as refreshing as white sand beaches here.” Henry said while gearing car to the top gear. Traffic was not much on highway because of […]
August 18, 2010

#23: The Making of Kuchh Manziley Aisy…

As I had promised earlier in post #15: KMA – Can never be criticized…, here comes The making of Kuchh Manziley Aisy… KMA here after, which […]
August 15, 2010

#22: Face Off_Pranab Mukherjee

Disclaimer: The post is totally fictitious and resembles no real interview. Hello, Aadaab, Vanakkam, Salaam Namaste. Your favorite host Shashvat Welcomes you all in Independence Day […]
August 4, 2010

#21: Blank Pages

You can perhaps rewrite your destiny… but never on paper. (Unless you are using a pencil, but no one likes to write his/her destiny with pencil. […]
July 31, 2010

#20: A kind of special species – Friends…

Writing my next post under Casual category, but I guess, friends can never be categorized casually. So on this friendship day, let’s recall the most uncasual […]
July 27, 2010

#19: Face Off_Ajmal Kasab

Disclaimer: The post is totally fictitious and resembles no real interview.Hello, aadaab, lei ho, aloha, ciao, vanakkam, salaam Namaste. This is your favourite host Shashvat Saxena […]
July 24, 2010

#18: Case 9571_Mr. Johnson’s murder

It was raining heavily outside. Night was at its darkest. Sound of raindrops was echoing throughout the ambience except at house no 48, Schellingstraβe, Munich. “I […]
July 23, 2010

#17: FYI – Upcoming Attractions…

To all readers… Hi,  Wanna share something with you which is really exciting. It’s about the upcoming attractions on yours favourite blog Random Strokes… Two new […]
July 19, 2010

#16: On the Edge…!

A tough decision, I’ve taken to write this but… This is where I am right now… On the Edge…! It took 12 years and 4 months […]
July 14, 2010

#15: KMA – Can never be criticized…

Once again a brave decision to criticize my own movie Kuchh Manziley Aisy… in I never criticize category. Though viewers will say there’s nothing to criticize […]
July 13, 2010

#14: Dardura Special. Hail Darduras…!

Darduras are here… Darduras are there… These Darduras are everywhere…! First I need to explain what is Dardura? But the right question is who is Dardura? […]
July 10, 2010

#13: And we named it 13 CityStreets Productions.

Actually I was been suggested to write a post on Bharat Bandh by Darshan but being post number 13, I was keen to write something about […]
July 4, 2010

#12: Best of DJ’s PJs..!

With all the respect for readers demand, I am publishing here my reader’s choice best ten PJs. So please wear your helmets before proceeding..! 1. Why […]
June 28, 2010

#11: I M D I – Revealed behind the camera…

Under the label of I never criticize…, I’m going to criticize my own film I Might Did It (IMDI here after in the article.) today. A […]
June 22, 2010

#10: Are we rational enough…?

After searching for a topic since long, last night when a message popped up on my cell screen, I decided to write on this. The message […]
June 17, 2010

#09: There’s nothing new..!

Warning: This could be boring. Read at your own RISK. Yup, there’s nothing new, sounds very common and heard many times. See now there’s nothing new […]
June 15, 2010

#08: Indian Secularism.

The post I’m going to write about, lead me to the question that do we really have secularists? If we are in India, I guess… NO. […]
June 14, 2010

#07: Raajneeti – A safe game by Jha.

Ath Sri Mahabharat Katha… Has another awaited and anticipated to become a blockbuster movie stand on Prakash Jha standards? May be, may not be… Six times […]
June 12, 2010

#06: World cup 2010 South Africa

“The game is not lost till there is one…” Truly said by a sports player, (don’t wanna give him much footage…!) is still effective in real […]
June 11, 2010

#05: A review on Kites.

No wonder all said kites didn’t fly high. We are used to say what others are saying. If one says it’s not good we start looking […]
April 1, 2010

#04: Fool’s World.

Today is the best day to write about such topic. You may find it similar to ‘being stupid’ but there’s a fundamental difference between stupids and […]
March 30, 2010

#03: Mind your mind.

When someone asks us ‘how are you?’ we reply in a very formal manner ‘fine.’ without asking our innerselves ‘are we really fine?’ It’s a biological […]
March 30, 2010

#02: Be thyself.

Sun has never asked someone to do that job, due to the fact that no one else can perform that job better. Sun has never demanded […]
March 29, 2010

#01: Being Stupid.

Life, generally anticipated to be lived in a mature way, shouldn’t always to be lived in so called mature way. Maturity in a term makes you […]
March 29, 2010

The beginning

It feels great as finally my ‘Random Strokes’ gonna get web published. I know, I’ve never let my readers down nd trust me, I’ll maintain the […]